Frequently asked questions

Can you customize a package?

Yes! We would be happy to quote a price for a package tailored specifically to what you need.

What music do you have?

Our music catalogue has thousands of songs ranging from the most current hits to songs from the past several decades - which includes songs from almost any genre. We also have Tidal music streaming service which is fully integrated into both the DJ mixer and DJ software. Tidal is not the primary music source, but is a great tool for live requests. Most of our music is from multiple DJ music pools. These are professional DJ only music sources that often include DJ edits of songs - such as clean versions and remixes. All of our music is from properly licensed sources.

Are you insured?

Yes! Set 2 Music Entertainment is fully insured with a $1,000,000 liability limit, as well as property coverage for any potential loss or damage to the DJ equipment.

Do you provide wedding ceremony sound and/or music?

Yes! We have a second PA setup specifically for wedding ceremonies. The setup includes a Shure wireless lavalier style microphone and a Shure wireless handheld microphone, as well as a Yamaha 10 channel mixer and two 12" Behringer Eurolive speakers. The setup is capable of having vocalists and instrumentatlists connnect as needed, as well as providing a mic for the wedding officiant.

What kind of lighting do you provide?

We have multiple lighting options, including up-lighting. Your lighting options include dance floor wash lighting, to more high energy lighting effects with moving heads and lasers. We also have a haze machine for atmospheric effects that makes the light show really pop!

Do you have backup gear?

Absolutely we have backup gear and contingency plans. All of our gear is professional quality, very new gear, but it is always better to be prepared (yes, I was a Boy Scout). For more details keep reading. The main DJ mixer is a Denon DJ Prime 4, which is a standalone mixer with it's own internal storage and music management software. That means it does not require a laptop with DJ software. I do prefer running Serato DJ on the Apple Macbook - but if for some reason either the Macbook or software failed, the mixer can handle the job. I also have a backup windows laptop running Serato DJ as well. Also, if the main Denon mixer were to fail, we have our Yamaha 10 channel mixer that we use for wedding ceremony sound. Lastly, both the 15" Mackie speakers and 12" Behringer speakers are powered speakers - meaning they do not use a separate power amplifier. In an absolutely worst case scenario we can run mics and a laptop, tablet or phone directly into the powered speakers. All music is backed up on external drives as well as being stored on the laptop internal memory.

Can we submit a playlist and do you take requests?

Yes, and yes! Your event will have the music you want to hear. You can also submit a list of songs you absolute don't want played. I will also take live requests from guests - but I will reserve the right to excercise professional discretion. You can submit specific songs you want (or don't want) and/or just let us know what kinds of music you want played. A huge part of what a DJ does is to read the crowd and try to figure out what songs are going to get people moving. Our catalogue has plenty of music to be able to please just about everyone.

Why should I choose Set 2 Music Entertainment?

Hiring a DJ is more than just finding someone to play music. A Spotify playlist can play music, but a professional DJ pays attention to the crowd and uses their knowledge and experience to play songs that keep people out on the dance floor. Also, in many cases the DJ is the voice of the event - especially for wedding receptions. I have over 20 years of public speaking experience and am very comfortable with a mic and in front of crowds. Ideally I like to meet clients in person before booking so you can be sure I am the best fit for your event. I think it is definitely important for wedding couples to meet their DJ before trusting them with such an important day in their lives. I will also meet and communicate with all clients as much as necessary to be sure all details are worked out before the event.

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